Children’s Day (Kodomo no hi) is celebrated on 5th May in Japan. It is a national holiday on which all children are celebrated and their mothers are honoured.

this is event in japan i wish here philippine do celebrate also. what a cool idea would it be… if we also have the same event just like them. a lotof kids and also thier moms would be happy nag gay. but i wish it would also be on a summer vacation so that we can enjoy it as much as we want to. here are some of the usual things that are done when this event come to japan.

childr2Children’s Day Traditions

Until recently, 5th May was known as Boy’s Day (Tango no Sekku, or the Feast of Banners), so many of the traditional celebrations on Children’s Day come from Boy’s Day.

Carp Kites (koinobori)

Families with boys hang colorful carp kites, called Koinobori, outside their houses – one for each boy, with the biggest representing the oldest boy at the top. The kites flutter in the wind and look beautiful, as you can see in the photo above! In Japanese culture, the carp (or koi) represents courage and perseverance, as the fish is known for its strength and determination as it swims against the current upstream. The carp kite symbolises each family’s wish for their sons to grow up brave and strong.

this one cool thing to be hanged on our backyard fot the children/kids to enjoy during the said event… well they say fishes are said to be good luck and can bring you happiness. i thnik… i just thought about it when people think of fishes. i really do wish we also have that event here… here are another cool ideas from them…

Golden Boy Doll (Kintaro)

Families with boys display a model of Kintaro, a Japanese folk hero. Kintaro was a boy of superhuman strength who grew up to be a famous warrior, and again he represents the wish of the family for their boys to be brave and strong.

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Samurai Helmet

The Samurai were the most noble warriors of Japan, and the Samurai Helmet which they wore also symbolizes strength and courage and is often worn by boys on Children’s Day.


well i do hope you people who reads my post do enjoy this. thanks.